Leadership Programme


Leadership Programme at David Game College

The rationale behind the David Game leadership programme is simple: to help our students to better understand the nature of leadership and what it means to be a good leader in the 21st Century.  Although such a mission is ambitious, especially as leadership is one of the most talked about, but least understood of topics, it is still possible to provide students with an overview and help guide and shape their own views.

The course has six key parts:

  1. Leadership – what is it and its biological origins
  2. The traits and behaviours of good leaders
  3. The challenges of leadership in the 21st Century
  4. Decision-making under pressure – crisis leadership
  5. Power, influence , prestige and leadership
  6. Historic figures that demonstrated leadership

The course perspective takes into account cognitive psychology and evolutionary biology as a basis to explain many of the characteristics and traits of leadership and why much modern behaviour becomes maladapted in the prevailing environment.  It is aims to motivate students to consider becoming leaders at some stage in their careers and understand the importance of taking responsibility for their own actions, as well as becoming resilient to set backs and never, ever, giving up!

The course will be run by John Dalton who has taught leadership in 14 countries to a wide range of clients, including ambassadors, Royalty, CEOs, head of NGOs and numerous executives of multinational companies.  John has studied leadership for the last 20 years and he is especially knowledgeable of status striving, status threats and the neurobiological approach to leadership. He is a chartered biologist and has taught GCSE and A level students for 27 years, providing him with a critical insight into how students’ think and behave.

Starts Thursday 24th January from 5-6pm in the Small Auditorium (A214)

Everyone welcome

About davidgamecollege

Welcome to David Game College “David Game College was founded in 1974 and has consistently delivered the best quality teaching to ensure success. I am proud to see that over the last 30 years thousands of students have benefited from our intensive tuition, securing places at top UK universities and realising their ambitions. This is what David Game is about – providing the right climate and environment for students to make choices that put them on the pathway to security and success. We combine traditional values with a modern approach and technologies to ensure that all courses are delivered and taught in the most efficient and effective way for examination success. Today, David Game remains one of the truly independent colleges offering pre-university courses under my personal leadership and guidance as both Principal and Founder.” David Game Principal - MA (Oxon), MPhil (Lond)

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