Biology of Cancer: Medical Programme Lecture

As part of our medical programme at David Game College, a series of lectures and seminars is arranged that covers a range of medically-related topics.

The lecture on the biology of cancer will cover the following topics:

  1. Which animals also get cancer – not just humans
  2. What is cancer?
  3. The special case of Naked Mole Rat!
  4. Medical facts around cancer
  5. Correlations and causations
  6. The cell cycle, mutation and genetic basis of cancer
  7. Genomic instability
  8. Why evolution helps explain cancer
  9. Cell transformation
  10. Necrosis and apoptosis
  11. Tumour formation
  12. Angiogenesis
  13. Metastasis
  14. Genetics: proto-oncogenes; tumour suppressing genes and miRNAs
  15. Epigenetics and cancer

Everyone is welcome, but we expect those who are applying for medicine or medically-related courses to specially attend as the content could prove very useful for knowledge development and towards helping out with potential interviews.

Monday 21st January 5:30pm in room A214


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Welcome to David Game College “David Game College was founded in 1974 and has consistently delivered the best quality teaching to ensure success. I am proud to see that over the last 30 years thousands of students have benefited from our intensive tuition, securing places at top UK universities and realising their ambitions. This is what David Game is about – providing the right climate and environment for students to make choices that put them on the pathway to security and success. We combine traditional values with a modern approach and technologies to ensure that all courses are delivered and taught in the most efficient and effective way for examination success. Today, David Game remains one of the truly independent colleges offering pre-university courses under my personal leadership and guidance as both Principal and Founder.” David Game Principal - MA (Oxon), MPhil (Lond)

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