Statement on International GCSEs

Cancellation of IGCSE Examination and Teacher Assessment On Wednesday 3rd February, Pearson informed all international GCSE centres that their examinations (IGCSEs) will not take place this summer.  As a result, students’ grades will be based on teacher assessment.  For those wanting to sit the exams, IGCSE examination will available later in the year (most likely … Continue reading Statement on International GCSEs

David Game College Digital Calendar Download 2021

“Best Moments of 2020” as the widely-circulated video message reads. Only, when you press the ‘start’ arrow, nothing happens. But this is too harsh: while 2020 will be remembered for the loss of loved ones, and for turning our world upside down, it also brought out the best in human nature – kindness, sacrifice, community … Continue reading David Game College Digital Calendar Download 2021